hotels in manali mall road (Start From ₹799)

Hotels in Manali Mall Road: Manali Mall Road is the main street in Manali, city of Himachal Pradesh, India. The offices of municipal corporation, fire service, and police headquarters are located here. Automobiles, except emergency vehicles are not allowed on this road. Mall Road has a number of showrooms, department, stores, shops, restaurants and cafes. Best Location to Stay in Manali, Its also Called Manali City Center, Bus Stand, Shops, Van Vihar everything is near to Mall Road Manali.

Hotels in Old Manali (Deals Start From ₹499)

Hotels in Old Manali:If you are a nature lover and want to spend your vacation amidst tranquility, then Old Manali is the place for you. Wine Shop, Club House everything is located in old manali. Old Manali Distance from City Center Manali (Mall Road) is apprx 2 Km and the distance from Hidhimba temple is around 1 Km.

Hotels in Manali

Book Online Hotel in Manali, Large comfortable beds covered with bright linens, shiny bathrooms, embellished interiors, the hotels are designed to offer ultimate comfort for every tourist may look for. Hotels in Manali, also serve your ssome great traditional dishes, all prepared by professionals with great care and attention. Before looking up the internet for ‘best hotels in manali’, read on to find out the star rating system which denotes what to expect from the hotel during the stay.

Types of star hotels in Manali

1 Star Hotels in Manali:  one star hotels are cheap hotels in Manali offers the bare essentials such as a bed and clean sheets, a fully functioning bathroom (occasionally shared), self service meals / vending machines. Other facilities of the hotel are generally accessible at the guest’s expense. It therefore is suitable for budget hotels in Manali, looking for basic accommodation and service.

2 Star Hotels in Manali: At a 2 Star Manali Hotels , in addition to the comfort and hygiene essentials, the amenities for the guest are of a significantly higher quality and appeal than to that of a 1 Star Hotel in Manali. The hotel at Manali may be more decorated and the quality of the bedsheets and amenities may also be better. It therefore is suitable for economy travellers, looking for a conveniently located hotel with slightly more than only the basic amenities and service standards.

3 Star Hotels in Manali: Three star hotels in Manali aim towards meeting guest expectations and providing pleasant stay. These hotels are often located near major express-ways, airports, business areas, convenient for shopping trips etc. They thereby provide their short term guests with a brief, efficient but comfortable stay.

4 Star Hotels in Manali: A 4 Star hotels in Manali has a larger range of facilities available and the design is high quality. All service standards are aimed towards pleasing the guest. These hotels are usually located near city centers and are equipped with dining areas, exclusive facilities such as in-house gyms and swimming pools.

5 Star Hotels in Manali: A 5 Star Hotel in Manali is geared towards catering to guests at the highest level. Therefore everything from the exterior of the hotel down to the tableware should display excellent quality and high attention to detail. The service staff is meant to be highly trained and the attention should be focused on providing the guest with the best experience possible. Exceptional levels of proactive service and customer care are essential.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Hotels in Manali

What are the advantages of online hotel booking?

Almost all big and small hotels in Manali provide an online hotel booking facility. It has several advantages like great discounts, attractive deals, customization options, etc. You can also read the hotel policies online, check the customer reviews and ratings, and see the images and videos of rooms and services offered before making a booking.

Are hotels in Manali following the government advisories on COVID 19?

Yes, hotels at Manali are strictly abiding by the government rules and regulations on COVID-19 to offer safe and sanitized accommodation to guests. They have trained staff whose daily job is to disinfect the rooms, offer fresh room linen, sanitize common areas, follow safe kitchen practices, maintain social distancing and check the guest and staff body temperature.

What is the difference between a single room and double room occupancy?

Most of the Book hotels Manali nearby have single and double room occupancy options. A single online hotels in Manali room is designed for one guest and features a single bed with common facilities like attached bathroom, bedside table, writing table, etc. A double room can comfortably fit two guests and is further classified into King Double Room (with king-size double bed) and Queen Double Room (with queen-size double bed).

What is special about a hotel suite?

Luxury hotels in Manali have special rooms which are classified as suites. They are very spacious and usually comprise of one or more bedrooms, a living room, and a dining area. Best suited for business travelers, the suites are luxurious and offer complete privacy. Most suites have access to a large balcony/ terrace that provides a bird’s eye view of the city.

Do hotels accept room cancellations?

Yes, you can cancel your online hotel room reservation in Manali however, the cancellation policies may vary from one hotel to another. It is recommended that you go through the policies at the time of booking a room. The hotel may charge you partially and refund the balance amount. Please read the terms and conditions carefully.